While Singh’s original post has now been deleted, he supposedly called Khanna a sex-worker and claimed she will be raped in.

QCrime: Ex-BJP MLA Booked for Rape; Ghaziabad Man Kills Wife – Mumbai: 31-Year-Old Man Arrested for Robbing Naval Officer at Gunpoint, Say Police A 31-year-old man, arrested for allegedly.

Morning Indian Sex The (day)game of dating – In an article, Sara Macauley, a writer and journalist, describes a kind of dating as a game which is played

It writes how the 13-year-old was gang-raped by at-least seven Hindu men who also forced her for oral sex and sodomy.


Muralidhar on Thursday spoke about his midnight transfer from Delhi High Court, revealing he had earlier replied to a.

Coimbatore wife missing incident turns into a POCSO case: What the courts say – This, despite the fact that child marriage is banned in the country and sex with.

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Writer, translator and literary historian, Rakhshanda Jalil, on her collection of essays titled ‘But You Don’t Look Like A.

In addition to the national same-sex law, 12 of Nigeria’s 36 states apply Sharia law. In those states, in the predominantly.

Decriminalization of homosexuality – Naz Foundation case The conversation around LGBTQ+ rights gained momentum in the Indian.

Singh said that genuine Indians who couldn’t prove their Indianness will have to apply through CAA for India’s Citizenship.