21-11-2017  · i don’t own any images its just the story that i thought of. hope you like it. if you have any suggestions or a storyline please let me know.

15-10-2013  · Stories of Indian crossdressers Tuesday, 15 October 2013. Wife Sunil was a nice and shy type of guy. He was a working in a software firm and living in an 3 floored apartment building. In his neighboring apartment lived another young couple. The husband was always working late in the office and would be going on a lot of business trips. So the wife lived alone in the house. He would often.

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24-11-2012  · Short Story Of An Indian Crossdresser. Posted by Unknown on 20:33 with 5 comments. My name is Seetha Ramaiah. I am about to turn thirty in couple of months and I am married to beautiful woman Kavitha. Apart from me and my wife I have a sister, Sangeetha and brother-in-law,Ravi who live one mile away from my home. I have property to take care of my needs along with a small job to live.

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17-12-2012  · A indian crossdresser story I would like to introduce myself as hema.

didn know hw this name popped in ma mind, but prefer to be called as hema or Lakshmi or lakshu.

.i ve been into crossdressing for almost 10 yrs.

had a lot of experience and enjoyed moments as a closet crossdresser.

i haven crossdressed since I entered coll.

I m from Chennai, and ve finished my degree.