The big fat Indian wedding has been hit by COVID-19.

His 32,000 members have paid steep annual fees ranging from ₹28,000.

The story of a wife whose husband is caught up behind the bars due to sex scandal has to take responsibilities of completing.

Web Series Sex Scenes One aspect that seems to have sparked a conversation on the world wide web is that of Joe Exotic’s love life. and there. Netflix’s new

As more number of people across the globe choose to stay safe at home, fun challenges and viral trends are nearly a given to make the quarantine period bearable and even, memorable. Take a look at.

Weapons of mass distraction – Over 40 percent of smartphone users suffer from nomophobia, as in no-mobile phobia—the anxiety of being disconnected from.

The Jimme Foundation stepped in after a distress call from a charity helping sex workers in the western Indian city—many of.

Her students are used to seeing her in the classrooms of Adrien Block Intermediate School 25 in New York City’s Flushing.

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Several homeless sex workers stay on rail and bus platforms and only a few have their own homes and families. But overall,