– [Instructor] So in any discussion of ancient Persia, we quickly talk about the faith of the Achaemenid Empire, and that's Zoroastrianism, and it's popularized by Cyrus the Great when he establishes the Achaemenid Empire, takes over the Median Empire, the Neo-Babylonian Empire, the Lydians. His son, Cambyses, takes over the Egyptians. And their faith is based on the teaching of Zoroaster. And Zoroaster is the Greek name for Zarathustra, and sometimes the religion is referred to as.

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The way I have structured this timeline is this top line right over here is southern Mesopotamia and this bottom line right over here is northern Mesopotamia so this orange shows you where the Sumerians were reigning. Some people think that they might have been the first empire. This bottom line here, you can see the Akkadian speakers, but they were fragmented until you have Sargon the great establishing the Akkadian Empire. Now, you briefly then have a short-term neo-Sumerian empire, but.

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Which you see here in blue in North Africa and southern Spain, and this period you have a series of wars between the Romans and the Carthaginians known as the Punic Wars, and we'll do videos in depth on the Punic Wars. They're called the Punic Wars because the term Punic, it comes from what the Romans called the Phoenicians, and Carthage was actually settled, founded by ancient Phoenicians. So you can kinda consider this the Phoenician War or the descendants of the Phoenician Wars, but that.

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