Ekta Kapoor sure is a polarizing figure, some love her and her work, and some despise her. Regardless of your opinion about.

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My mother, Nergis Dalal, a multi-faceted person and a well-known writer, was born exactly 100 years ago on 13 June 1920. On this occasion, almost eight years after her death, many memories surface.

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After she was released from the prison, she used to.

Story by Aanji Sin & Amber ChenSenior Staff Writer & Staff Writer Illustration by Alicia ZhangStaff Illustrator Netflix.

Summer of Pride: movies, books, podcasts – What to read, watch and listen to if you want to be an informed ally this Pride month. Plus recommendations for teens and.

Friendship, a topic that Bollywood has for years limited to people of the same sex. While male friendships are glorified,