Live Sex Hindi While men are more prone to dying from COVID-19 than women globally, in India the reverse may be true. Read on to know more. While

Dutee Chand once again proves to be a true inspiration for LGBTQ+ community by celebrating the traditional Odia Sabitri Puja.

The word “transgender” — or trans — is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity is different from the sex assigned.

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Their Profession May Be Unconventional, But It Is Certainly Not A Crime – Most of the girls involved in this profession are forced into it, it is estimated that every hour minimum range of four to.

Two years ago, their identities were decriminalised, but people from the queer and trans community still struggle with basic.

What is the harm in linking digital wallets to India’s unique biometric ID Aadhaar? None, many people would argue. But.

Indians Resort to Humiliating Friendly Arabs – F.Z. Khan India for the last many decades has been enjoying very good economic as well as diplomatic relations with.

Do you all know that according to government statistics, there are over two million sex workers in the country? However, only.

Anjana Hareesh (21), a queer-identified student from Kasargode district in Kerala, took her own life on 13th May 2020 while.